Easter Saturday's Brunch at Restaurant Est.1969

Easter Saturday's Brunch at Restaurant Est.1969

Enjoy delicious Easter Saturday’s Brunch 30.3. at Restaurant Est.1969.
Buffet brunch is served 11:30-14:30, price 26,90€/person
(0-3-year-olds for free, 4-11-year-olds -50%).

We recommend reserving a table in advance!
Reservations from website or Spahotel Casino’s reception:
Tel. +358 (0) 293 200 540
(cost 3,02 cents/min + mpm)
email: reception@spahotelcasino.fi


Cold-smoked salmon M, G
Grilled asparagus M, G
Hollandaise sauce LL, G
Green salad Veg, G
Cucumber Veg, G
Onion flavored with lemon Veg, G
Roasted and marinated tomatoes Veg, G
Shrimp Caesar salad L, G
Garlic croutons L
Green Easter salad and passionfruit sauce Veg, G
Feta salad L, G
Eggs filled with smoked salmon mousse L, G
Watermelons Veg, G
Cantaloupe melon Veg, G
Nuts Veg, G
Roasted pumpkin seeds Veg, G

Yogurt L, G
Granola Veg, G
Mango and pineapple jam Veg, G
Raspberry melba Veg, G

Oat bread with seeds Veg
Organic rye bread Veg
Karelian pies L
Country-style buns L
Croissants VL

Whipped sea salt butter L, G
Margarine Veg, G
Egg and butter salad L, G
Herb spread Veg, G

Lamb sausage L
Whole grain mustard Veg, G
Garlic and herb meatballs L, G
Tzatziki L, G
Roasted lemon chicken M, G
Bacon M, G
Scrambled eggs with vegetables L, G
Charred root vegetables Veg, G
Smoked potatoes Veg, G

Strawberry lime shots Veg, G
Iced coffee L, G
Est.1969's ice tea Veg
Peach and orange honey nectar M, G
Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate

Mämmi (Traditional FInnish malt and rye dessert) with whipped cream L
Mango cheesecake L, G
Pasha L, G, and fruit Veg

L=Lactose-free, G=Gluten-free,
LL = Low in lactose
Veg=Vegan, M=Milk-free

Event dates

March 30, 2024, klo 11:30 - 14:30


Spahotel Casino, Spahotel Casino, Kylpylaitoksentie 7, 57130 Savonlinna

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