Taste Saimaa is a delicious union of Eastern Finnish food, culture and traditions

The Lake Saimaa region has been awarded the prestigious, international European Region of Gastronomy title. The unique gastronomy and culture of Eastern Finland are celebrated with rich experiences that combine the purest food in the world and the original culture.

Welcome to enjoy Saimaa with all your senses!

Six Senses of Saimaa

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The Lake Saimaa region is all this

The story of Lake Saimaa is one of a kind

The rugged national landscapes of Koli and Punkaharju, the impressive rapids of Imatrankoski, the majestic medieval castle of Olavinlinna, the rock paintings of Astuvansalmi, and the pure lakes and landscapes carved by the ice age resonate in the lives of the local people. Lake Saimaa is the home of persistent and hospitable people who still live in harmony with nature.

Credits: Visit Karelia / Harri Tarvainen

World’s best ingredients come from the forests and lakes of Eastern Finland

The harsh northern winters and the long, white nights in summer create the perfect conditions for growing pure, aromatic ingredients. These wonderful treasures from the fields, forests and lakes of Eastern Finland are appreciated in top kitchens around the world.

Credits: Visit Karelia / Harri Tarvainen

Eastern Finland has a unique and tasty cultural heritage

Located between East and West, Lake Saimaa region is known for its hospitality and delicious food. The gastronomy of the region has been influenced by history and leaner years but also enriched by the traditions and cuisine of wealthy manors. Throughout the ages, however, respecting the pure, local ingredients and flavours.

Credits: Visit Karelia / Harri Tarvainen

Intriguing and fascinating Saimaa experiences

The world's purest food, art and culture merge into unique experiences that open your senses and nourish both body and soul. Feel Saimaa with all your senses and surrender to its mysteries.

The Saimaa European Region of Gastronomy award is a recognition for the unique food culture of the region.

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Credits: Visit Karelia / Harri Tarvainen

Experience the joys of Eastern Finland

Welcome on a memorable journey to enjoy the world's best food from the pure waters, forests and fields of Eastern Finland!

The best food in the world from the best ingredients in the world.