(Food)encounters in Rantapuisto

(Food)encounters in Rantapuisto

A community food tourism event in the centre of Joensuu, combining Restaurant Day and the Eat with locals theme. The event will help people from other cultures to integrate into the community and raise local awareness of other food cultures. The aim is to create a nice and relaxed event with food at its heart. Food connects, comforts and creates memories."Why just serve a meal when you can serve a memory?"

For whom?
The event is aimed at local and national students studying in North Karelia, immigrants, multicultural families, food travellers, people interested in different food cultures and traditions, good food lovers, food producers and sellers, North Karelians and residents of the surrounding areas.

A long dining table with benches will be set up in the event area, tables will be lined. No reservations needed. You can also bring your own picnic blanket and sit on the grass. Participants can bring small flags or other table decorations related to their own culture. The idea is to meet new people and different cultures and enjoy food together (bought from the event, ordered from a restaurant or prepared home and served picnic style). It is also an opportunity to bring your own culture to the wider community, for example by performing traditional music, dance, clothing or holding small workshops. A few tents will be reserved for this purpose, for example for the use of international students from local schools and universities.


Do you have experience with a (pop up) restaurant or food sales at events? We hope to include both North Karelian food culture and new taste experiences from around the world. For these operators, binding registration is mandatory (inquiries anna.rinteinen@maajakotitalousnaiset.fi), but there is no place fees, and tents and electricity can be arranged if necessary. Pop up restaurants will take care of their own food sourcing, preparation, serving and sales in accordance with the Food Authority's pop up guidelines

Event dates

September 14, 2024, klo 11:00 - 14:00


80100 Joensuu


MKN Itä-Suomi

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