Kayaking trips in the lakes of Sääminginsalo

Kayaking trips in the lakes of Sääminginsalo

Would you like to get to know the nearby waterways better? Go paddling more often? Are you interested in paddling, but missing company?Join us exploring the different waterways of Sääminginsalo with a kayak!

Tours last 3-5 hours and start at 6 p.m., unless otherwise agreed.

Wed 5.6 Puruvesi, Punkaharju
Tue 11.6 Pihlajavesi, Ikoinniemi
Wed 19.6 Haukivesi, Varparanta
Tue 25.6 Raikuu channel
Fri 5.7 Puruvesi, Pihlajaniemi
Tue 9.7 Pihlajavesi, Savonlinna
Wed 17.7 Haukivesi, Oravi
Tue 23.7 Enonvesi, Enonkoski
Wed 31.7 Paasvesi, Savonranta
Tue 6.8 Puruvesi, Kerimäki

The exact departure locations will be announced to those who have registered closer to the departure. More information about the specific destinations of the trips will appear on Varustepankki's website and Instagram when the weather reports are updated

For whom: The tours are suitable for beginners, those who have completed the Paddler -1 training or paddlers with similar skills. The speed of the trips is relaxed and you can participate in the trips in a single or a double kayak. If necessary, the instructor can join you in a double.

The price includes kayak, paddle, sprayskirt and life jacket.


Single trip: €65

"5-paddlings" pass: €270

"10-paddlings" pass: €500

You can also use the paddling passes to rent a kayak from us. Rental period is one day and the kayaks are located in Kerimäki.

Registration no later than two days before departure by message, whatsapp or email to Maija info@varustuspankki.fi, 050-3020370.

Event dates

6/5/24, klo 18:00 - 8/6/24, klo 22:00


Sääminginsalo, 58150 Savonlinna

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