Permaculture Garden Tour & Picking Herbs

Permaculture Garden Tour & Picking Herbs

Olo's garden is built on a long-sighted and nature-respecting vision. Permaculture and regenerative gardening flourish in the spirit of this aesthetic countryside ideal. Come and explore the multidimensional beauty of our garden!

During the tour, you will learn the basics of sustainable gardening and self-sufficiency, and have the opportunity to pick organic herbs to take home with you.

Note! The tour can be combined with Olo Center's breakfast, which is served starting at 09:00. (not included in the price - additional information at )

Registration by the previous evening at 9:00 pm: or Whatsapp: +358 401 258 992

Duration: 1,5h
Price: 25€

Event dates

6/26/24, klo 10:00 - 8/28/24, klo 11:30


Olo Center, Olo Centre, Päivärinteentie 10, 58180 Enonkoski

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