Water Tasting Workshop

Water Tasting Workshop

Explore the mysterious world of water and learn to live with the life-giving element in ways that promote harmony and health.

Water is integral to life. It flows everywhere in nature and comprises more than two-thirds of our bodies. The fact that water is so ubiquitous makes it crucial to understand, but also easy to overlook it’s nuanced and unique characteristics. The workshop is designed to shape how you perceive water and offers a robust practical framework for enhancing your wellbeing and our collective ways of dealing with water.

During the workshop, we explore:
- How water and life are deeply intertwined
- The mysteries and anomalies of water
- The presence of water in nature and the modifications brought about by our supply systems
- The significance of water for human wellbeing
- Practices to improve your health and vibrancy through water

Bonus: Water tasting
- Learn to distinguish the tastes and qualities of tap water, well water, filtered water, and spring water.

The workshop is held by Olo Center's Nature Guide Tuure Manninen

Duration: 1,5h
Price: 39€/ person

Event dates

6/29/24, klo 10:00 - 8/31/24, klo 11:30


Olo Center, Päivärinteentie 10, 58180 Enonkoski

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