Juva Truffle Center

Huttulantie 1 C
51900 Juva

Juva Truffle Center is the only research center in Finland specialized in research and cultivation of truffles. You can explore the world of truffles in Juva Truffle Center, which is located in Partala King’s Manor. Finland’s only truffle research and cultivation center is open for visits from June to October on weekdays from 11 am to 1 pm. Juva Truffle Center showcases cultivated truffles, wild truffles and research related to the topic. Tasty truffle products are available for purchase — you can even buy your own truffle seedling, which can yield crop a couple years after planting! The truffle orchard on Partala King’s Manor’s land can be explored on a truffle safari, or on a guided session for dog owners to train dogs to search for truffles. There are several aromatic truffle-like mushrooms growing in Finland’s forests, and they can be found by trained dogs from midsummer until the ground freezes.

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