Pattoi heritage house

Pattointie 62
51900 Juva

Pattoi heritage house is one of Saimaa Geopark destinations. “Pattoi farm dates back to when the traditional lifestyle and livelihoods were still thriving. Slash-and-burn farming, agriculture, livestock farming, hunting and fishing were all practiced here. The same is true of other farms in south Savo. The farm was as self-sufficient as could be. It provided for its inhabitants, and almost everything they needed could be found on the farm or in the surrounding forests. This lifestyle, dominated by the cycle of the seasons, has left its mark on the yard, the buildings and the items inside. It is remarkable to note that the same livelihoods were practiced at Pattoi with only very minor changes from the early 19th century almost up until the 1990s. Despite some renovations in the 1950s and 60s, the farm remains in almost its original state. There is no electricity, water or sanitation systems. Pattoi farm is bordered to the north and south by nature conservation areas established to protect the forests belonging to the traditional building. After cultivation, the areas were taken over by mixed forest. Remnants from the slash-and-burn era and fences with stone bases are still visible.” (quoted from Saimaa Geopark)

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