Röytty home museum

Leikonrannantie 5
54920 Taipalsaari

Röytty home museum is located next to Taipalsaari church. Röytty is first mentioned in the late 17th century as a military service house. From 1700 to 1937 the house served as an inn. Half of the space was transferred to the family of Rikkonen in the early 20th century. The last owner of the farm, Veikko Rikkonen (1934-2015), sold the house to the Taipalsaari municipality in 1988. In 1996, the inn museum, the Röytty home museum, was opened. The museum exhibits objects related to the history of Röytty and Taipalsaari. Since 2013, associations from Taipalsaari have kept a café in the house during the summer and Christmas. There is also a sales exhibition of Taipalsaari artisans.

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