Samusenlahti fishing pond

Uitonsalmentie 300
51980 Juva

The Samusenlahti fishing pond is a recreational fishing pond located in the village of Kaskii, and is used all year round. The recreational fishing pond, which covers an area of about 5 hectares and is separated from the Sulajärvi Lake by a bridge embankment on the road from Juva to Puumala, has a rich population of rainbow trout, which is maintained by repeated stocking. The Samusenlahti Gulf is also rich in wild fish, which the rainbow trout use as food. In summer, the site is fished from the piers or from the banks by fishing rods, while in winter, ice-fishing is a natural fishing option. There is a hut in Samuselahti Bay with a campfire where you can grill sausages or even the rainbow trout you catch. Licence prices 3 h/1 salmon: €10 24h/3 salmon: 25 € (00:00-23:59) incl. VAT 24% Children under 15 years accompanied by an adult (included in the adult's fishing quota). Permits are sold by Sportia Juva, +358 154 52 845 Antero Kaasinen, +358 400 753 087 Pappilanjoki Unska, +358 500 207 657 Juva Camping, +358 154 51 930 Online permit service: Additional permits are also sold by the inspectors during their visits. In addition to the permit, all persons aged 18-64 pay the State Fishery Management Fee. The licence entitles you to lure fishing with one rod and lure in almost all of Finland. You will always need this fishing permit for other fishing in addition to the actual fishing permit. This permit is not required for angling and fishing.

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