Arctic Natural Products Ltd

Schaumanintie 24
57220 Savonlinna

We are bringing you the natural treasures from the arctic forests to your table in the easy form of powders and dried products. Wild berries, mushrooms and herbs have been exposed to the sweet sunlight of the nightless Finnish summer and have grown organically in the pristine forests. This ensures the aromatic flavors and extraordinary vitamin contents of the bounty. The products are all caringly handpicked after which they are immediately either freezed, dried or freeze dried allowing the products to retain the maximum of their health benefits, color, taste and natural appearance (i.e. whole berries). Our business values are deeply rooted in sustainability, quality and safety. Arctic berries, mushrooms, wild herbs grow in wild forests — they grow ecologically, without carbon or water footprint. Our supply chain is transparent and we work closely with our trusted foragers.