Kirjalan Paahtimo Roastery and Café

Nuijamiestenkatu 21
50100 Mikkeli

A small roastery, where the flavours of the world meet Saimaa's craftsmanship We are a small roastery. We are a family business. We were born in the heart of Mikkeli's wooden house district, Kirjala. We started our coffee business in in the garage, from where we moved to the shores of Lake Saimaa in Heimari. There our coffees get their unique taste and ability to tickle all the senses. Always handcrafted and always curious to try something new. For coffee drinkers everywhere We are for people whom coffee is an important part of a successful day. A private moment that cheers you up, gives you energy or drives your thoughts to the parking lot. Even though our coffee beans come from far away, they don't escape anyone's lips for long. People dare to explore our products, even if you can taste the difference from the norm right away. We are the coffee people's speciality coffee. You can visit our café at Nuijamiestenkatu 21.