Rural Women´s Advisory Organisation / South Savo

Mikonkatu 5
50100 Mikkeli

We are one of the nine district centers of the nationwide Rural Women´s Advisory Organisation. Our goal is a tasty, cozy and vibrant countryside. Our organization's strategic themes for 2021- 2025 are 1) Hero stories of Finnish food, 2) Finland invites you to visit, 3) Climate-friendly and sustainable society and 4) Diverse nature. RWAC Business: Our experts offer versatile development services at different stages of the company's life cycle. Our customers are e.g. #restaurant #tourism #food #grocery #naturalproduct #greencare and various farm connected companies. We offer services in a customer-oriented manner and in plain language. RWAC Landscape Services: We offer versatile design and expert services related to landscape and nature management. We promote natural diversity and highlight the importance of unique living and cultural environments. RWAC Food: Our experts produce food, nutrition and food-related events, campaigns and trainings for various operators and develop the operational capacity of companies. Some of our counseling services receive financial aid from the Ministry of Education and Culture. Our operations are guided by sustainability and responsibility. We value local food, the domestic food chain and promote sustainable food choices: "Tasteful Rural Enterprice" accolades by province, development of food tourism We offer comprehensive expert and advisory services in close cooperation with ProAgria South Savo. Together, we form a group of 41 experts.