Uhkua Oy

Suurlahdentie 3189
52360 Someenjärvi

Uhkua provides sustainable nature experiences, - excursions and offers nature accommodation in North-West Saimaa near Mikkeli. Food plays an important role in all Uhkua’s activities, and the principles of sustainable development are also followed in food servings. The best ingredients from forests, waters and producers are preferred in making the menus. Lake Saimaa's nature is a huge treasure trove of food for Uhkua. Many ingredients are collected from the nearby forests and some are grown in their own garden. In Uhkua, they also fish with ringed seal-safe gear. Mushrooms, berries, herbs and vegetables are either used fresh in season or preserved for winter events. Also D.O.Saimaa -products (Designation of Origin) are widely used in Uhkua. Since the Saimaa region and its food are at the heart of the operation, the food offered is mainly vegetarian and lake fish-oriented. If the menus contain meat, it comes from local small producers and local hunting club. In Uhkua, the food year and the menus are built by making good use of the season and its offerings. With these elements, the end result is simple and tasty food that also takes into account the well-being of nature and people. Uhkua produces services to order and also regularly organizes events related to food, such as indoor dinners in old athmospheric log house according to different themes or meals and food cruises in nature for small groups.