Kielomäen tila

Kielomäenkuja 10
55910 Ruokolahti

Kielomäen tila is a small apiary in Ruokolahti, close to the eastern border, at lake Immala lakeside. Our bees forage nectar in the nearby area, in the quieting down villages - in gardens, forests and lakesides. We value the work of our honeybees and the precious produce of the hive. We spin and sieve the honey in our tiny workstead at the farm, and without extra processing pack it primarily in re-used glass-jars. Our aim is in sustainable choices and small carbon footprint in all we do, in practical moderation. Since a small producer cannot do all on its own, we educate, experiment and network in search for local partnerships. At the moment we are in process of product development with natural resource producer Päivi-Angervo, and in the field of nature experiences with Discover Saimaa. - Kielomäki honey and occasional other products can be bought at the farm, in local occasions and some local retailers.