Koivurannan Lomamökit

Koivurannantie 85 51670 Nykälä
51670 Nykälä

Koivurannan lomamökit is located in the countryside of the Mikkeli in Finland. We offer eight lakeside cottages for rent. Our unique cottages are great places to enjoy the peace of Finnish nature and beautiful views of the lake. You can enjoy delicious local food in our cottages by ordering our tasteful breakfast or dinner baskets. In the farm Koivuranta we have the Finncattle -cows. The Finncattle is traditional Finnish cow breed. The Finncattle has adapted to the Finnish climate and conditions excellent. There are good qualities in the milk and beef of Finncattle. There have been Finncattle -cows in our farm since 1930's. Nowadays we use the milk of the farm´s cows to produce ice cream and cheeses. All of our products are homemade with fresh and local ingredients. Finnish nature has inspired us to produce delicious ice cream flavors, for example blueberry, sea-buckthorn and lingonberry. In addition, we sell the meat of the Finncattle.